Friday, July 4, 2014

A Retro-Tastic Recipe Event for the 4th and Beyond: Corn & Bologna Boots!

Hey kids! There's still a lot of picnic and barbecue time left in this holiday weekend, and you can't make a better personal culinary choice than creating a genuine, authentic piece of edible Americana, like these irresistible corn and bologna boots. I can assure you, they're every bit as good as they look. This hot mixture ain't your grandpa's stuff. 

Do you want to surprise and delight your friends and family this July 4th? Of course you do! And you will if you show up at the annual picnic with a big pile of corn and bologna boots, a dish that truly symbolizes America's forgotten culinary past and spirit of enterprise. Just imagine the smiles and looks of shock on everyone's face when you present them with this  hot "knife and fork" sandwich instead of that boring old red-white-and-blue cake you usually bring!

It's the perfect way to celebrate this important patriotic holiday. Where else but in 1950s America, after all,  would someone have been audacious and forward-thinking enough to combine creamed corn, cheddar cheese, and olives, and then spoon that hot mixture into a dinner roll that's been brushed with barbecue sauce and stuffed with bologna? Besides, if corporations can qualify as people, then this definitely counts as food!
I know you're probably just dying for the recipe by now! Well, you can't improve on the original, so make sure to follow it religiously:
And don't forget the Del Monte corn!
I know what you're thinking. Is is really as good as it looks? You'll just have to try it and see.

Dig in!

You can even enjoy this all year round!

I just can't keep my hands off the stuff!

This post is what my good friend Trevor of Sis Boom Blog and I hope will become an annual Retro-Tastic event in which we celebrate and explore this nation's culinary history. To that end, he's shared with you his family's favorite dish: the "Pie Plate Salad," an unforgettable combination of jello, mixed vegetables, and whipped dressing. Go check it out!!

Just think: Once upon a time there were no food blogs, and therefore no way to capture these great dishes in all of their colorful glory. We hope to change that, and next year we'd love to have you join us! For inspiration, make sure to check out Buzz Feed's Top 10 Regrettable Retro Recipes, which includes all-time classics such as the frosted lime walnut salad, tuna cheese loaf, and these corn and bologna boots. 


  1. I'm sure I'd love their "hearty farm flavor".... lol!

    The funny thing is, they do look pretty and I actually think they'd be kinda good. Not fair that you didn't say...

    1. Frank is ever there was a time you should be content to eat with your eyes, this is it.

  2. OH, but i am so sorry I was not up for this. Well, I'll be ready next year with some sort of "Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Surprise" of my own. I promise to make heaps.

    This post, Dear Trix, is brilliance in the kitchen and behind the lens. And so is the bounty of your bustline. How cleverly you have included said bounty in your shots of this most glorious dish! When I stop and think about it I am amazed at how including the bust shot enhances the hominess and welcoming, comforting nature of the food. What would Freud say?

    I chuckled when I saw the Del Monte recipe shot. How well I recall that "look." My original "how to get a man book," The Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook (mine was published in the late 60's) and yes, that is what my friend Linda called it when I opened said tome on my 16th birthday, is chock full of just such photos.

    Oh, but this was a terrific idea, and I so regret not having been able to participate. I could have done Porcupine Meatballs!

    Congratulations on the gingham, the manicure and some really fine food porn. Bravissima!!!

    1. Adri, I am so glad that my bustline was able to provide you with some comfort. That's what it's there for!!

  3. What a fun thing to do, but do you go out for Chinese afterward? And I love those patriotic nails!

  4. They look so GOOD that I want one now! Pretty patriotic nails :-)

  5. Wow, I am in shock seeing this recipe on your blog lol. Retro yes, sounds interesting...but not with bologna. Prosciutto instead maybe? Love the nails my dear.

  6. A can of corn to go along with a chicken in every pot!!! Loving the retro theme to your post and am also happy to see you getting some mileage from the bounty of your gingham checked bustline! Your nails look so patriotic and make the corn and bologna boots look even more delectable!!! Happy 4th to you Trix ;)

  7. Just discovered your post when blog hopping.
    Awesome recipe, looks so tasty and I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.
    Love your patriotic nail polish :)

  8. Yours is the most bodacious of holiday offerings! Your succulent dish has me salivating to the point where I could quite willingly flick my tongue all over with delight. Retro-tastic fare in your hands just explodes with picnic excitement!

    Such a lovely celebration we had together my dear! How fun!

  9. Wow, It is a toss up between you and Sis Boom. I especially love the last picture. LOL. Retro-tastic, I must admit, has a certain appeal. I would probably dig in to yours. I mean, who can resist creamed corn and bologna? I know I can't!

  10. I'm not sure which looks better the food or your fingernails. Fun recipe and perfect for the 4th. Hope you had a nice one. Hope you're doing well.

  11. Wonderful Post! Yet was expecting to see some food, yet I think I was distracted. ;) #WellDone

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