Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Y Mucho Mas for a Belated Wordless Wednesday Send Off: Mexican Extras Part 2: Skulls and Bat Gods and Wrestling and Things I Forgot!

We leave for a short-ish trip to Reykjavik today, so I thought this was the perfect time to share some last images of Mexico City from my trip last March. Also, I have no time to write very much so we'll call it a belated Wordless Wednesday post, shall we?

And these skulls (above and below) are the perfect image for the Day of the Dead, or Dios des los Muertos.

One of the great things about Mexico City is the way old and new are juxtaposed in surprising ways. Case in point: Templo Mayor, an Aztec Temple recently discovered right in the heart of the city. Above are the stucco-covered human skulls, victims of human sacrifice. These have been taken inside to protect them; here are the reproductions at the actual Wall of Skulls:
As much as I love a skull, my favorite thing at Templo Mayor may have been the bat god (left) and that cool Aztec warrior outfit (right):

The Palacio des Belles Artes

The Metropolitan Cathedral in the Zocalo

In my mercado post, I forgot to include the San Juan Market:

Squash blossoms



A shrine ... somewhere

Here we are all decked out to go to the fancy schmancy Dulce Patria. ... This was my only disappointing meal in Mexico City. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't memorable and it lacked the soul that everything else I ate had. Street food and fondas are the way to go.

Flashy, but not memorable

I much preferred the sopa Azteca at Cafe el Popular, which also cost significantly less

No cameras were allowed in Lucha Libre, but I sneaked this with my cell phone to prove I was there!
 So much happens in the Zocalo! Below is a huge zumba class:

This was a worker protest, I believe an electricians' union:

Enjoying our last day

Sunset on the Zocalo:

And finally, please check out montage of the action at the Zocalo that Poppa Trix put together. And I will catch up with you later in November, when I am back from Iceland.


  1. Wow - sounds like another adventure in the works. Travel safe!

  2. I love your photos and the video is awesome. Every time you post about Mexico it makes me want to jump on a plane. One day soon I hope. Have fun in Iceland and see you when you get back.

  3. One day I would love to go visit here with you! You really had all the highlights. And you just know I would love all the sausages they have to offer. M.... Have fun on your trip!

  4. What fun.... always nice to find memories tucked away.
    Know this next trip will be eventful too.
    Seeing the montage by Poppa reminds me of long ago, in the less populated towns, it was considered rude to photograph people, at least without asking, and most of the time they would shy away or after a 'bribe' would allow it. Times have changed...

  5. Great pics and that wall of skulls is something else! Enjoy the trip.

  6. How I wish I had had more time when I went to the DF last year. I need to go back soon!

    Frank @Memorie di Angelina