Wednesday, November 2, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: On Gluttony, Part 2: In Which I Leave Nothing in Vienna Uneaten, Particularly Tiny Sandwiches

Good Morning! I am STILL hungry
For this installment of almost Wordless Wednesday, I complete my two-part tale of gluttony and feasting across the glorious city of Vienna. On our second (and last) full day here - and our last full day of vacation - we were determined to leave nothing uneaten.

Particularly tiny sandwiches.

I have documented my passionate  love of the artfully composed tiny sandwich here and here, and after a cup of coffee, getting some in my belly was priority number one. Poppa Trix and I headed to one of our favorite spots, Buffet Trzesniewski in Stephensplatz:
 Last year, the first time we visited this place, we were so confused and nervous as to how to order and what to get. Truth be told, we tend to over-complicate just about everything. But this time, we had it down cold. Choose from the many beautiful sandwiches - thonfisch? eiersalat? gherkin mi ei?

Whatever you do, don't hold up the line! I suggest getting one of everything. Then, buy a token for a beer at the cash register, and go buy a pfiff at the end of the line.
Behold ...
... the sandwich feast
Sandwich lust briefly sated, we took a stroll through the Oestermarkt, or Easter Market, where there was - you guessed it! - more food:

And this - truffle and mushroom sauce! Delicious. We bought some, and have managed to save it. The woman whom we bought it from said to enjoy it with pasta, a nice green salad and a glass of wine. Consider it done.

All this strolling naturally works up an appetite, and next we headed for Zum Schwarzen Kameel for more sandwiches:

The great thing about this place is that you can sit at a table for a fancy meal, or perch at a counter or the bar and enjoy nibbles and their own line of white wine:

We had not one ...
... but two plates of sandwiches!
Love the cute camel on the wine glass!
After a brief nap, it was time for dinner. Along with Mother in Law Trix, we headed for my favorite heuriger: Weinhof Wieninger. (If you aren't familiar with heuriger, I talk about them here.) And some of you - Miriam? Ju? - may recall Chef Mike. I am happy to report that is still there, and still creating his inventive and beautiful food. In fact, Diners Club Magazine of Germany has chosen him as one of the rising chefs of Austria - a well-deserved honor!
Congrats to Chef Mike!
 Ah, but what did we eat? Better to ask: What didn't we eat?

 Gnocchi in pumpkin cream ... (for Chef Mike's recipe, check out this post)
 Liptaeur cheese!
 Beans in pumpkin seed cream (I've got this recipe too! Check it out here)

And this fantastical and original creation of Chef Mike's, a barlauch and radish mousse ... SO good

 And lots and lots of delicious Wienhof Wieninger wine:

Learning that I am a huge barlauch fan, Chef Mike gave me a whole bunch to bring home:
I spent the better part of the night trying to figure out how I could disguise this as an airport salad and get it through customs, but ultimately visions of harshly-lit interrogation rooms, hefty fines, and prison time got the better of me and I regretfully left my lovely barlauch behind in Vienna.

Okay, I admit that by now Poppa Trix and I were well and truly full. But - it was our last night! And so we had one more stop to make: The wurstel stand near our Ringstrasse hotel (a generous gift from Mother-in-Law-Trix):


I love a place where you can actually trust people to drink alcohol outside in real glasses, and not plastic cups.

And there you have it ... a shocking tale of gluttony. But I don't regret a single bit!

And by the way, this month I participated in the awesome Nancy of Spicie Foodie's "Your Best Recipe" round up. It's the one year anniversary of this event - go check it out here, and please join in next month!


  1. You know, I'm starting to have a sneaking suspicion that wordless isn't your thing... ;) But I'm loving all these food photos and your notes on them!

  2. Lucky you! I want to have that radish mousse!

  3. Looks like a great place to be. Love your photos.

  4. You posted another picture of my beloved Liptaeur cheese! I have been dreaming of it since the last time you talked about it. I have never tried it, but I have no doubt that once I do, I'll never stop. Another great play-by-play of your travels! Theresa

  5. OMB, those open faced sandwiches, Liptauer cheese and white wine at a Heuriger, Kasekrainer at a wurst stand… you know I lived in Vienna for two years and these were some of my culinary guideposts during those years. Thanks for a little trip back in time on this rather gloomy Thursday morning!

  6. I am loving these two post :) You guys are just like my hubby and I, we eat & eat when we go on holiday. Vienna is one of our favorite cities, actually considered moving there. The food and well just everything is so great there.
    Those little sandwiches are also here. Did you try them? They are called Chlebicky and they were my first Czech food addiction. Then on our first trip to Vienna when I saw them there too I jumped up with joy :) What a great post, really enjoyed them.

  7. Oh my goodness. Vienna looks like the most perfect place in all the land. That food! those pictures! ugh. I want to be there right now.

  8. The sandwiches are sublime and I;ve been making that bean and pumpkinseed oil stuff since you first wrote about it... love it!!! Those pics are too perfect, Trix!!

  9. In high school I used to date a girl named Buffy Trzesniewski but she wasn't really my cup of tea. Then there was Anna Marie Stephensplatz but something was missing there. It wasn't really until I discovered Wienhof's Wieninger that I found what I really wanted all along. I'd leave him to chew on Mike's gnocchi though. Looks quite tasty, Trix!

  10. What fabulous food - especially the sandwiches,LOL. I have been to Salzberg but not Vienna, though I would love to.

  11. Oh, gosh, I want to travel with YOU! My picky kids and hubby make it nearly impossible to eat at the places I want to try on vacation! Your trip is a foodie's dream come true~

  12. Wow what photo;s I feel like I just went there with you thank you!

  13. Vienna is one of our favorite cities too and this bring us back in time when we were there five years ago. Your photos of the place and food are so lovely. I love that "Good morning" picture of you in your bathrobe holding a cup of coffee and the lovely smile on your face.

  14. OMG I don,t know how you can pack away allthat food in one day. But the sandwiches look so good and pretty. That truffle and mushroom sauce looks amazing. Too bad you could not bring the barlauch with you.