Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stary Kleparz Market: A Total Polish Shopping Experience in Krakow's Old Town for Wordless Wednesday

That's a pretty long title for Wordless Wednesday, isn't it? Perhaps I should have called it "Mostly Wordless Wednesday." Or "Fewer Words Wednesday." Oh well, I have been called many things, but silent isn't usually one of them.

Let me just say I wouldn't want to offend the fabulous Trevor's discriminating sensibilities and call the Stary Kleparz Market in Krakow the best market ever, or claim that there's nothing like it in the States.  (Actually, Trevor,  I think Vienna's Naschmarkt is the best market ever, anywhere, hands down. And there really isn't one like it in the States! But I digress.)  I will say, however,  that Stary Kleparz is pretty awesome (as well as fun to say) and if you think the only produce you can get in Poland is cabbage, well,  your eyes will certainly be opened.

Oh, and there's meat. Lots and lots of meat. And people watching. And other things too!

Drat, I am going to be quiet now. ... though I can't promise you there won't be any captions. Shhhhh ... it's Wordless Wednesday.

Vegetables ...

Meats ...
Is it just me, or does that butcher look like a young Tim Roth?

I have eaten raw meat and loved it, but try as I might I cannot embrace tripe. It's a texture thing. 
A Mystery, Solved ...
Can you guess what that is? At first  I thought it was bread, but it's not. It's ... 
... scrumptious smoked cheese. 
People ...
These women were selling clothes and fabric outside the market
Something tells me those bananas aren't local ... oh well, there's always candy!

What market would be complete without shoes?
Getting ready for spring

Happy Wordless Wednesday ... I'll go be quiet now.


  1. Great photos! Yeah, I don't think I can do Wordless Wednesday. I like being chatty on my blog, like you. :D

  2. This post is an eyeful, and certainly, most definitely, a mouthful! LOL. Love seeing the sights and sounds, especially Tim Roth the butcher and that tripe....a new year's resolution to try it, perhaps?

  3. so much for the drab gray-scale colours of the Communist era! I spend hours in markets whenever we travel -- the best people watching/cultural experiences are to be found there -- just look at those women selling fabric...they look pretty shifty to me! Theresa

  4. Ok, smoked cheese? Never would have guessed. I thought they were muffins of some sort. Don't you love really alien foods? It makes my day. The market, with few words (who needs rules?) is gorgeous!

  5. I love visiting markets..have you ever been to Chichicastenango market in Guatemala..... BEAUTIFUL.....i missed you, hugs, Flavia

  6. When I was a young boy my chatty grandfather would sit me down and talk to me about his time in post-war Poland.. He would drool that way he often did and then mumble on waxing nostalgic for the 'sweet smells and tasty tidbits of Stary Kleparz. Trevor, Stary is the BEST THERE is I'm telling you, the best there is...".

    All this time I thought he must have been talking about some skanky prostitute who made a living off he and his fellow enlisted men.

    Imagine my surprise to hear today that Stary Kleparz is actually a MARKET!

    This explains why Grandma just nodded her head in agreement.

  7. Oh, how I love your less wordy Wednesday! What a fabulous market...I can guarantee there's none like it in Indiana :)

  8. Awesome pics and people watching, would they fall under baboushka? Well they are adorable. Whata selection of food, meats, candy!

  9. The butcher does look familiar but I just can't place him! I think I'll walk over to the market at the Ferry Building and look at food in silence;-)

  10. Wow that cheese did look like bread... the meats are incredible what a fun food fair! Great photo's

  11. Thanks for the fabulous tour of this Polish market, very cool photos!

  12. Wonderful photos. Loved this trip to a market.

  13. Let's start a contest of the best market in the world; I haven't been to a few reputed ones like the one in Seattle but i am willing to be that the one to win would be in France. Still this one is interesting and the people -watching a lot of fun!

  14. beautiful photos. This post does not need much words at all. :)

  15. Your wordless Wednesday is hilarious :) LOVE the meat!

  16. Awesome photos. Trix, I think you should do, Loads of Words Wednesday more often.


  17. Keep your hands off that butcher. He's MINE!

  18. Reminds me on markets in Beograd, Serbia:)

  19. Love this post and photos. The market reminds me a lot of the ones in Prague, well they are neighbors after all. Did you visit any of the markets here? The smoked cheese is so pretty. It is also very popular here and I have to say that I love it.
    I can't personally say which or where is the best market. But I can say that the markets you find in Europe and in Mexico are unlike anything you'll find in the US.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  20. I love European markets. I haven't been to this one, and your photos definitely made it come to life. I loved the smoked cheeses, and the shoes!

  21. Awesome blog and fantastic pictures!
    One note: the big slab you refer to as tripe is, in fact, pork fat (in the States sold as plastic wrapped salted pork), used to make smalec. I believe you tried that in one of Cracow's restaurants and liked it.
    Tripe, on the other hand is a lining of cow's stomach. I know, it doesn't sound too apealing, but if you are ever again in Poland and come across soup called "Flaczki" or "Flaki" on a menu, try it. It's delicious, with somewhat chewy strips of tripe cooked for hours and a broth with all kinds of dried herbs and paprika in it. By the way, no other soup in the world goes as well with beer as this one :)