Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's an Eggs Party, and You're Invited!

International Incident Party


Have you joined in on an International Incident Party yet? If not, now is the time! Who wouldn't want to come to an eggs party, after all? And September is my birthday month, and that means I get to co-host the shindig on September 26th with the awesome Penny aka Jeroxie, the founder of these monthly soirees.
And what, you may be wondering, am I talking about? It works like this: Each month, bloggers from all over the world post a dish of their own creation,  based on a single theme. To keep the party theme going, we all post at the exact same time. This month, we'll be posting an eggs-themed dish at 11 am Melbourne time, Sept 26. Past party themes have included pizza, for which I made langos, deep fried Hungarian pizza:


And noodles:

You get to be as creative as you want! Half the fun is seeing how different everyone's interpretations are.  Here are the simple rules:

Simple rules for September’s International Incident Eggs Party!

  1. Dishes must be on theme, of course. And please LINK back to me and my co-host, Penny aka Jeroxie of Addictive & Consuming
  2. We will all post the dish on the 26th of  September at 11am (Melbourne) – You can convert to your local time here.
  3. Please email to International Incident Mailbox:
    • Your name & Blog URL
    • Name & URL of dish
    • 300x300px of dish
  4. Please upload image and link to flickr group – International Incident. This will be shared with everyone around the world
  5. TOTALLY OPTIONAL - Add #eggsparty #iip when sharing your creation on twitter or upload photo or link on IIP Facebook fan page
  6. Most importantly, ENJOY yourself
**** Please remember to use Linky below to add yourself to the list and also ADD a comment so that I am able to contact you via email to send you a script that needs to be added to your blog post :)

September Babies
A very important part of this party is to be able to come together to celebrate the birthday of fellow food bloggers globally.  So please let us know if it is your birthday month!
Please copy and paste the code provided:
<a href=""><img title="iip-eggs" src="" alt="International Incident Eggs Party" /></a>

Please copy and paste this HTML if you are using the badge on your website:
International Incident Badge
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="International Incident Party" border="0" width="160″ height="160" /></a>
Don't forget to add yourself to the linky list leave a comment below so we can send you the code for your eggs post! 

See you at the party!


  1. Hey there, can't wait but you will need to help me again, I am sure to get the banner but not sure how to get the linky people to add....thanks trix!

  2. Sounds like fun. Love reading the posts when you guys do this.

  3. Considering I am new to the egg world, I think this will be a great challenge!

  4. I will try to think of something quickly, Trix! it does sound like fun. Hmm...

  5. I'm excited! I am new to the food blogging world so this will be a great challenge. Thanks for hosting