Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chili Pepper, Popcorn, & Inuit Tea

What, you ask, could chili pepper, popcorn, and Inuit tea possibly have in common? Well, these are all goodies I got as part of the new Foodie Exhange program, a Google group which you should totally check out. You get to share $10 of your favorite local (non-perishable!) grub with fellow bloggers, and they'll do the same for you.

From Felice in the Kitchen in Arizona I got some  hot Southwestern goodies:  New Mexico chili powder, Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce and Smokin' Hot popcorn. Have you ever found a red pepper in your popcorn?  I'm talking hot.

From Cheap Ethnic Eatz in Montreal I got steak spice (which I plan to use on salmon since I don't eat steak), Inuit tea, yummy golden fudge - sucre a la creme - an unfortunately exploded maple syrup, and ice cider. Let's just say it's a good thing I don't live near a store that carries this stuff ... hic!


And what did I send them? Well, to find that out you can either check out their blogs or do an exchange with me! I'll give you a hint: chips and cookies were involved.


  1. So sorry the maple sypru did nt make'll just to come up and visit so I can take you to a suger shack outing hihi. Thank you again for the exchange.

    Cookies...yummmmmy and everything else delish (not saying to not ruin surprise)

  2. oh, I'm so joining the exchange group. what a brilliant idea!

  3. hey trix!
    do you want to exchange with me? i'm from italy!
    pls feel free to contact me through my blog (you can translate it clicking on the UK flag)
    ciao! ale