Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awards Season ... and Introducing the Tasties!

When I started Tasty Trix a mere 4 months ago, I had no idea there would be prizes involved.  But I suddenly find myself the shocked and humbled recipient of not one, but four awards from fellow bloggers. Apparently we are in the middle of awards season, kids, and I have caught the fever! (I've even created my own award, The Tasty, as you'll see below.)

As any blushing winner should do, my first order of business is to thank my foodie friends who thought to give me an award. You all said such kind things,  and there are so many incredibly talented bloggers out there, that I feel truly honored to have been singled out! Thank you to Raje at Veggie Haven for my Bear Hug and One Lovely Blog Award; thank you Shelly of Experimental Culinary Pursuits for your inspiring words and my One Lovely Blogger Award; and last (but not least) a million thanks to fellow freelance writer the Chickenless Chick  and Pegasus Legend for my Kreativ Blogger Award!
Now it's time to  spread the love.  The  Kreativ Blogger award rules clearly stipulate that I must now reveal 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers. Those bloggers must then repeat the whole process. (I will venture to say, however, if you've already received the award, you're off the hook ... otherwise, I think there's a chance you could be caught in an awards loop for the rest of your life.)

So here you go:
1. I love getting awards ... but I think I like giving them even more.
2.  I was sent to Catholic school ... blogging nuns are my sworn enemies. Step off!
3. Some people say I'm dramatic. I say those people are clinically insane.
4. If you wanted to pay me to travel the world, I would totally take all of your money.
5. I always second guess myself and think I didn't do a good enough job ... like, should this point have been number 2?
6. I can think of a thousand ways to procrastinate ... if you're reading this, I bet you can too.
7. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing in an extravagant, over-the-top way.

I would like to pass this award on to 7 foodies whose food - and attitude - inspires me:
1.  Girl Gone Gourmet: Keep baking that bread, girl!
2. Raje at Veggie Haven: I love these clean, flavorful dishes.
3. Drick of Drick's Rambling Cafe: Fish Fridays, Sabado Mexicano ... and some of my favorite Creole dishes.
4. Cajun Chef Ryan: New Orleans history lessons and delicious food, all rolled into one.
5, The Winter Guest:  Miriam from Madrid creates gorgeous breads and imaginative dishes.
6. Frank of Memorie di Angelina: Mouth watering Italian cuisine
7. Tasty Eats at Home: Gluten-free goodness

And now it's time for ...
This whole awards thing is addictive, and I'm thrilled to announce a brand-new award of my own creation, the Tasty.  In these, the first-ever Tasties, I will ackowledge 10 fellow food bloggers who are saucy, creative, and of course - tasty! I could have easily expanded the list to 50 or more blogs, but I figured I had to put some sort of limit on myself. The Tasty comes with no rules or strings attached - you may display it on your blog if you wish ... but whatever you do, make it Tasty. And the Tasty goes to ...
1. Citron et Vanille:  Deceptively simple dishes beautifully presented
2. Sense & Serendipity: Divina informs and inspires
3. The Little Teochew:  I want to make everything she cooks!
4. Chickenless Kitchen: Funny and adventurous
5. Experimental Culinary Pursuits: Meat-free with big flavor
6. Chow & Chatter: Nutritious food and fun info
7. The Colors of Indian Cooking: Proves that veggies can be the star of any meal
8. What's Cooking Italian Style Cuisine: Mouthwatering, from sweet to savory
9. Jeroxie: Great dishes and fun restaurant reviews
10. Sweet Water: Even though I don't eat pork, I love her photos - and her writing.

Now it's time to go clean off my running mascara, put my tiara on the shelf,  and pack away my awards gown ... I already can't wait until the next Tasties!!


  1. Wow, I'm so honored to be one of the first recipients of the TASTY! Thank you for the wonderful compliment!

    And yes, I am currently procrastinating :)

  2. Totally stoked to get my Tasty! Thank you verrrrry much. Elvis has left the building

  3. woohoo! already drafting my acceptance speech! too bad the red carpet i carry around with me is being steam cleaned.

    Thanks so much for the recognition!

  4. I expect tears from all of my recipients! No more, no less. ; )

  5. gotta love the creative and fun side of you....you are certainly one of a kind. Thanks for the award...funny, I was going to send it to you but dragging my tail down here....

  6. (Sob) Oh, this is... (sob)... just too much... I... oh, lord, well, I... (sob) Well! I'd like to thank my... (sob) DANG IT! (audience laughter) Okay, okay, serious now, I don't have much time... (smaller, controlled sob) I'd like to thank the Tasty Trix Board of Directors for the excellent job they do every day, not just during this awards season, but EVERY SINGLE DAY, you know; they're out there inspiring people to become the best cooks they could EVER POSSIBLY be, and, you know, I can't thank them enough for that; and... (sob; brief pause, probably champagne-induced) And I'd like to congratulate my fellow nominees, and you know... I'd love to just give EVERYBODY this award, you know, because EVERYBODY out there is a chickenless cook, EVERYBODY out there is just an angel, like a bunch of beautiful kitchen angels! (Music starts) No no, wait! Just a little longer! Just a little more! Okay okay okay... Just know that (music crescendos) Just know that I love you all! And that I've never been this happy in my whole entire LIFE, and that it is YOU who inspire me to keep going! (gestures sweepingly to the audience) It's you! And you! And you! (music crescendos to a barely-tolerable decibel level; host steps up behind and clears his throat) And you! And you! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!!

  7. Omg! I think I need to come up with a special edition Tasty just for that comment, Ms. Chickenless Chick!!

  8. Wow, thank you. I'm sure my gratitude will be shown in a much more controlled, concise manner than Chickenless Chick's....but don't discount it! (Chickenless Chick - hilarious!)

  9. Think they'll air it again on The Soup? ;)

    @Tasty Eats At Home... Thanks very much and in all controlled conciseness, congrats :)

  10. Congras on the Kreative award. More to come for sure!

    And Thanks sweetie! I have added it to my blog - http://jeroxie.com/addiction/jeroxie-awards/

    Bring on the awards season! YAY

  11. Oh Tracey, I'm surprised to receive an award from you. An award of your very own creation. I think I have to dress up and hold my father's tenni's trophy as my prop. :) I am touched by your description. Since my coding is bad, I would have to have a place for the award soon on my blog. Thanks again, it means a lot. :)

  12. Dearie, LOVE your pic!!! LOL! Drama mama!!! Thank you for your generosity. Keep on bloggin' and rockin'!


  13. My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you!

  14. oh thanks so much your so sweet heres to many more awards you deserve them girlie, Rebecca

  15. In the words of Sally Fields:
    "You like me! You really like me!!"

    Thanks so much for the award-- made my day :)

  16. First I would like to thank my foodie friends for making this day possible, next my dear mother RIP to have made this possible for me to be here today and most of all having Tasty Trix as a friend and supporter throughout of my trial and errors and hasn't judged me. Can I have my award now? Oh by the way I love my award and I won't be leaving today without it! thank you thank you thank you!!!!! xxxxxx oooooooo bow bow bow

  17. oh and by the way I love your dress and background props are you an actress by trade? How did you get that background so professinally done...you are amazingly talented foodie friend :)

  18. Omg, all of your acceptance speeches are fabulous beyond my wildest expectations! Pegasuslegend: No, I am not an actress, just dramatic! But thanks for the compliment ... and Poppa Trix photo shopped that background, he's an actual pro at that so that's why it looks so good! As for the props ... I've had that tiara since I was 11, and the dress is an old bridesmaid's dress. I never throw things away!

  19. Congratulations on the awards!
    Wonderful post BTW and love your Tiara. Can I borrow it for the next time?
    Kreativ is understatement..... You are super creative. Keep rocking!

  20. Ok I feel totally challenged after the props, does papa trix work for food or what? lol great job Tasty Trix you deserve all the awards for these great efforts...nothing can top this one. thanks for being such a motivating Foodie Friend!!! You have made the Foodbuzz site a better place to cohabitat!

  21. That's so sweet of you (pegasuslegend and raje and everyone) to say - I just like to make things fun if I can (also I am hopelessly ridiculous apparently and have too much time on my hands), and it's so nice if people get that and don't think I'm just being a total obnoxious loony spaz. Haha! Poppa Trix works for food in my case, but the rest of the time it seems he is forced to work for peanuts! lol!

  22. I want to thank the Academy!

    Actually, I had no idea that you named me as a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

    Thank you so much!!!