Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lagniappe: Tasty New Orleans Extras for an Excessively Wordy Wednesday

Whenever Poppa and I visit New Orleans, no matter how long we stay there's never enough time to do, see, eat, and drink everything we'd like. (Though I think you'll agree that we sure do make a valiant attempt to eat everything in sight.) In this series, I've talked about the shocking number of cocktails we drank, the classic bites we ate, and the newer spots we visited. If you were stunned that all this went down in just 4 days, hang on to your hats - here's all the other stuff we did!

That photo above was taken in the Kitchen Witch, a cookbook shop in the Quarter. I could literally have spent my entire trip browsing through the packed shelves there, but I had to content myself with holding that original M.F.K. Fisher book, as it was well above my budget - a couple hundred bucks, if memory serves. Check out these two Fisher author photos:
The shop owner told me that the one on the right was considered far too risque for the time, so Fisher had to button up and look more librarian-like for the next edition.

Here's something else I couldn't afford:
 But there are plenty of affordable things there as well - like I said, the place is crammed with books!
Now some of you may recall that Poppa Trix paints, and a couple of years ago he published a book of paintings inspired by our New Orleans voodoo wedding. You can check it out and get yourself a copy here! He also is a huge fan of WWOZ radio in New Orleans, which you can listen to online. I highly recommend you do, especially if you love New Orleans jazz. So Poppa decided we'd stop by the station and drop off a copy of his book to give away to a listener. Well guess what? He ended up being interviewed on the radio:

It made his day for sure!
Right about now you're thinking: Yes, but what did you eat? Fear not! I am getting to that. We had planned on getting oysters for lunch at Casamento's uptown, but the line was so long and I was starting to come down with something, so we changed plans and finally checked out a corner grocery we had our eye on for some time. It was a huge score!

Munching on some Zapp's chips...
A gloriously messy roast beef po' boy

And a muffaletta that was smooshed like a panini - it was good!
While wandering through the Warehouse District, we came upon a farmers market ... I need to live somewhere where the produce looks like this in December.
They were bigger than my head

Look at those gorgeous Gulf shrimp, head on the way they should be!
And tamales too! Is this a farmers market - or heaven????
For Sunday brunch we went to one of my very favorite places: Li'l Dizzy's in Treme. It's a buffet filled with real home-style cooking, and the atmosphere there is so friendly and welcoming I feel like a member of the family come over for Sunday supper.

Mac and cheese and fried chicken!

Fish and veggies!
Bread pudding - the only time I had dessert in NOLA.
Plus, owner Wayne Baquet is cooking up eggs - what more on earth could you ask for?

We always try to make it to Preservation Hall when we're in town - yes, it's a place tourists go but it's not a tourist trap; it's helping to keep New Orleans musical traditions alive, and it's got a ton of heart and soul to it.
The real deal
Jazz kitty!
Music is everywhere. Look at this French Quarter wedding second line. (Almost as good as my New Orleans wedding!)

We always end up stopping in Rouse's Supermarket in the Quarter multiple times - for water, spices to bring home, or a bottle of wine. Tell me, can you buy alligator meat at your local grocery?
I hate leaving New Orleans, but the pain can be lessened by getting some decent food to eat on the plane ride home and for lunch the day after. We stopped in Verti Marte, a small shop much beloved by locals. In fact, when it burned down a few years ago, bereft customers expressed their yearning on the boarded up windows as they waited for it to be rebuilt:
"Come back soon, I love you!"
Rebuild they did, with a dizzying array of moutwatering po boys and other good things on bread:
What ... to ... get????
We got a roast beef po boy to save for lunch the next day - it was even incredible after a night in the fridge - and a muffaletta at Frank's for the ride home. You may rest assured that this elicited some envious looks from our fellow passengers!

And there you have it - four days in New Orleans and a whole lot of eating and drinking. Worth every pound I gained!


  1. I have gained 10 pounds and I am sporting a major hangover after reliving your trip. Wow woman. What an appetite you have! Poppa Trix is one lucky man to have a woman with an appetite large enough to take down an entire po' boy of that girth! (Just tuned into some jazz too so thanks for that tip!)

  2. Girl I would trade places with you in a heartbeat all I do is work. No play. This is marvelous, the trips and opportunities.. you are blessed and so are we to be able to get a truely great experience when we come here.. this was awesome That book is my favorite 1200? Wow thats amazing!

  3. @Pegasuslegend Haha, well, you know ... this is exactly why I am so broke!

  4. What a fun trip. You guys did all kinds of amazing things. You really saw the city...and ate the city. Neither one of us has been to New Orleans yet, but you've listed a few must hit spots.

  5. I love the fish and veggies. =)great photos!

  6. Ditto to what Trevor said...
    Although, if I had made my way into that cookbook store, you probably wouldnt have been able to pull me out - for four days :-)

  7. Fantastic city. One of my absolute favorites. Awesome food, good people, what's not to like?

  8. Okay. I don't even know where to begin. Seriously, how DID you guys do all of that in 4 days? I could spend hours in that book store (love MFK Fisher's writing!). And I too want to live somewhere that looks like that in December. I am currently craving a po'boy AND a muffaletta. Sigh... one day I'll get there. Thanks so much for this awesome post- it totally brightened my day :)

  9. Kitchen Witch is awesome, have spent afternoons there myself... that debris poboy makes me want to take a road trip, today!... you two do more in your visits to places than most do in a lifetime, and congrats to Poppa and his fame...

  10. OMG--that M.F.K. Fisher cookbook! So jealous. I am officially making it a bucket list item to visit N.O. and shop that cookbook store! Loved this post!

  11. Now that is a show of comfort food. I ADORE muffalettas. When I was in Orleans we hesitated to have one but we fell in love right away and got a second full sandwich. All the pics of the city are great and I so want to go to that bookstore!

  12. Thanks for sharing your trip, loved the New Orleans posts- seeing all the fun things to eat and do!
    Next year for sure we're going;-)

  13. You could write a How to Travel Right book! Makes a gal wanna tag a long...theresa

  14. I'm drooling! All the food looks amazing. So does the farmer's market. Ours are not even that good in the summer time, hehe:) That is so cool about your hubby's interview.

    The bookshop would be one of my absolute must stops. I could get lost in there. Have a great weekend :)

  15. NOLA posts always have me wanting to go for a visit. Great food, music and a lot of fun. The best thing is that you always leave thinking of all the things you missed! I sure did miss a lot and I am sure the place has changed quite a bit. Cool about the radio interview-Congrats to Poppa Trix! Thanks for sharing all of this-enjoyed your post!

  16. Oh, my, I'm hungry AGAIN! You sure know how to do a vacation right...I could park myself in that book shop, too!

  17. I miss bookstores. I used to love hanging out in them... holding real books before buying them. Now I just use Amazon... so wrong. Great fun to have hubby on the radio... would love to see a painting!

    cool food too, getting hungry looking at it.

  18. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you did. I had a nice time reading and enjoying the pictures.

    Funny to see Tamales at the market.

    I see you live in Baltimore, glad to know a blogger close by.

    Enjoy your trip to Mexico.


  19. I've never been to New Orleans but hopefully will get there someday.

    What a find this little gem of a bookstore and Mastering the Art of French Cooking signed by Julia and her husband WOW! How fun.

    Looks like lots of great food and grub. Glad you shared it with all of us. Fun post!

  20. mouth...watering...can't...control. This post is like I died and went to heaven. Man, I need to get back there.